Thursday, January 14, 2010


Write from Karen is hosting a photo competition again this quarter. This time the theme surrounds "Winter."  Given I am from the southern hemisphere and we are sweltering in unbelievable heat, the mere thought of a cool calm winters morning is enough to make me weep with longing.

This was taken at Conniston Waters in the Lake District during a very brisk morning walk. The air was thick and swirling, obscuring the path as we wandered through it. On the lake shore everything was so quiet, calm and beautiful; a memory I still hold clearly.

This picture emulates what winter is - a calm crispness with the promise of the suns kiss.


  1. Bugger - lost my first comment.

    You so do not need to go and do a photography course. The composition of this shot is brilliant - using the boat and the fence as the centre point to explore the lake out from.

    I've heard so much about The Lake District that I hope one day I get a chance to go there and hike, take in the scenery (shoot lots of photos!)

    Good luck in the contest.

  2. Gorgeous photo Annie, it so encapsulates Winter for me. Good luck with the contest. xx Michelle


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