Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First blaaasssss

The only thing that has saved this picutre from being screwed up or burnt is my committment to publishing the sketch I did of the day - every day.

I hadn't quite been prepared for the vitriolic hatred which spewed from my headspace as I drew this.  Its not been a week yet of sketching. I was expecting the green eyed monster to raise its evil head and begin a barrage of self limiting beleifs about my talent ( or lack thereof) sooner or later - but not so soon. The heads wrong, no shape, no perspective, no emotion, no feeling within the piece, eyes wrong - just everywhere, balance - poor.. etc etc. urgggh I hate it. and I hate the piece.

I feel confident that I have a little natural talent which has been fostered by some self taught skills. Like photography, I love to capture moments - a look in the eye of someone or a secret or stolen glance.  However, when faced with this, I feel like shriveling up and not picking up my pencils for another decade.  I guess I am at a point I don't know where or who to turn to in order to get help to improve - just keep struggling along and 'doing it'  - is that the answer?

sigh.. yuck.. what an awful aweful sketch.

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  1. Emma Newman gives herself permission to write badly before she sits to put a story down. What if you gave yourself to sketch badly... then you're inner censor would have to shut the fuck up!

    I think you have amazing natural talent - sometimes if flows better than other times. Thin of the stories which spew forth and the others which are like drawing blood from a stone.

    Take time to be objective - what do you really dislike most about it? I was thinking of what Paul wrote Sunday about light and shade - what if you took this same picture and made it about light and shade and not lines - then would it matter so much if the shape was wrong etc etc.

    And what do you actually LIKE about it? Take something from the experience ... and now the person who can't sketch to save her life, will step down from her soap box.


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