Monday, February 1, 2010

Robot - with help

I sat during lunchtime today and asked Morgan - my 6 year old what I should sketch.  I was at his school volunteering at the tuckshop and then in the classrooms for the day.

He told me to draw a robot.  Ekkk I thought..... I'm not one for technical drawing - anything with angles as far as I am concerned is technical. ..... buildings, vehicles etc.  But the pleading look got me and his utmost confidence that I could pull it off...

Well - I have only posted it here as its my challange to do so.

I asked Morgan what a robot looked like or had.  He suggested a monkey face made of metal and a big roller wheel at the bottom.  He aslo wanted the robot to have a big hammer to squash baddies with. So I drew and he pointed and suggested bits.. and this is what we came up with....

I am so not a detail person.... ( is that like saying I'm not a romance / sci fi/ non fiction etc writer?)

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