Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bread stocks

No doubt you will have heard about the flooding in Queensland and of the evacuation of people from homes in Brisbane.

My brother turned up with 4 loaves of bread and 8 litres of milk.  He has been stranded as the creeks rose so quickly, he had to abandon his ute as he was trying to drive home.  He made it to our place - completely soaked.

Reports by neighbours - and many pictures on FB has confirmed that people have gone a bit mad with stockpiling. Our local supermarket had no milk, UHT or fresh, the bread section and most of the tinned section had been cleaned out.  There was no bulk water either.

Anyway - a snap of the bread sums up today.  I'd like to photograph some of the flooding, but it upsets me too much.. and its too dangerous to get anywhere close in any case.


  1. When I went to the supermarket at 11am this morning the bulk water was the only thing noticeably missing. The shelves were almost entirely empty.

    I guess things went a bit nutty after that. Now I'm feeling as though I didn't get ENOUGH food. Only time will tell I guess.

  2. We always have enough food to see us through for a month - old habits from farm life die hard.

    freezer is full - but with threats of electricity going off.. perhaps we will be eating alot of stuff sooner than anticipated.


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