Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flood Damage

My heart goes out to those communities who have lost everything in the recent - and ongoing floods. WE have been very lucky and only had water damage as the torrid of rain overflow our gutters and back up along the garden. Our pool has over flowed more than once and its a constant job maintaining the levels... but all of that is nothing compared to the heartache suffered by those whose homes are still under water.

We have made a start on clean up and found a plastic box - sealed and secure - so I had thought - but half full of water.  I am still curious as to how that much water found its way into the garden shed and into that box - which was on a bottom shelf. The shed was still in two inches of water - but the box was above that level.  Anyway - the box contained a bunch of things I used to use as table dressing and props for shows and fetes and the like.  I had a lot of daisies and fruit.  I am not sure if I will persevere with the fruit - its so mouldy and gross. But I remember how hard it had been in finding plastic fruit which was a good quality.

Anyway - a photo of some of the fruit in a bowl in the laundry - awaiting my clean up.

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