Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teacher in a Box

Got a call at 7.55 am this morning.. and I am not embarrassed to say - I was sound asleep.. class started at 8.30 and its a 15 min drive.. so it was skates on all round.

I still had my teacher in a box stuff from last year  - and am kicking myself that I wasn't more organised ( as I had planned..)

Had an awesome day - which is saying something as its one of the schools I swore I'd not go back to and it was with the class that .. well - most needed something stronger than the discipline the state school could hand out.

Just goes to show huh?

This is a photo of my box and prize box of goodies at lunchtime outside the classroom.


  1. You rock being an on-call casual teacher. It's my full-time gig and I always try to make it as easy as possible for my substitute. Then again, you couldn't pay me enough to teach primary school.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  2. Annie, I think you may be looking at things from the wrong perspective here... to me it seems you have been organised since last year and thats why you managed to pull such a great day together so quickly!!! Well Done! :)

  3. I never expect a thing to be left for me - so am never disappointed.. The places they send me - there is hardly a thing left for me - so I always need to be prepped for everything


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