Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Mending Pile Overfloweth

My mum used to have us put our mending into a cupboard in the spare room.  As a kid, I guess we just forgot about that item.

Years later, I helped her clear out alot of things and found the cupboard stuffed with  clothes - all needing a stitch or two, buttons or a hem fixed. Clothes dated back 30 years - and more - I am not kidding.

There is wisdom in that though - as I look at my mending pile - here is my URGENT stuff.. uniforms and the like - which need to be worn this week.

I have a large wooden box ( 4 foot high) which houses ....... material and alot of mending.  hummmm

am sitting down today to try and do just the ultra urgent things.. Urgent will just have to wait a bit longer

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