Friday, February 4, 2011


I think this sums up my day today.

Got my old PC back and all my programs had to be wiped - so downloading them on again.. except - now I am so spoilt with apple and how easy things are - I get frustrated with having to do stuff for Microsoft and then find it doesn't freaking work or talk to each other - two Microsoft programs mind you ( my blood pressure is building just typing this) plus one of the drivers doesn't want to work even after its been totally over hauled.. ANYWAY - frigging Microsoft can shove it.

I went to  shoe sale desperate for some new shoes - but of course the only shoes that fit my huge hoof ( size 11 female - or US 42) are ugly flatties and grannie shoes. Sighed as I lingered past the size 8 shoes with their bling, and heels, and nice fabrics and designs.  Only place I can get decent shoes are places that sell to transvestites.

my darling hubby put on a load of washing and I'd forgotten to say not to put my new dress in with it all - as the colour is likely to run.. it did.

So Lilly now has a bunch of pink socks to wear; and I need to buy more white socks for school.  Adrian's kaki shorts have gone an interesting beigy brown.

Its stinking hot, most of Australia is either under water, on fire or being blown to crap.... and I am a cranky old bag.

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