Monday, March 7, 2011

No Socks please.. we are Kids!!

Let me introduce you to part of our sock pile.  Apparently, according to the kids, there is not one pair in this entire container.

Can I also ask.. how is it that socks - only worn to school - not the mud pits - can get so filthy, so disgusting that goodness only knows how they end up this colour?

GROSS!! and yes - these socks were all pristine and white only 5 weeks ago.. they are clean.. well - they were in the washing machine and then hung out.. this is the dry version...

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  1. At the ripe old age of nearly 70 I've finally learned the secret to keeping white socks white.
    1. Don't put the socks on until it's time to put the shoes on
    2. When the shoes come off the socks come off
    3. Bleach

    One would think I could have learned this sooner, but then I never was a smart gal. I learned that the dirt that won't come out of socks is contracted by walking in sock feet on the CARPET. I'm glad I can't see all the dirt on my carpet.> I've also learned to pair the socks when I throw them in the hamper, separate them for the wash and toss them in a laundry bag so the washer and dryer don't eat them. Voila! White, paired socks.


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